3 easy ways to take a Mac screenshot to clipboard

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Need to take a Mac screenshot? Easily save screenshots to the clipboard with this simple guide. Learn to capture your screen in just a few easy steps!

  • Take a screenshot of your whole screen on Mac, and press Shift + Command + 3.
  • You can likewise press Shift + Command + 4 to screen capture a particular part of your screen.
  • Press Shift + Command + 5 to open the Screen capture application, or Shift + Command + 6 to screenshot the Touchbar.

You can take high-quality screenshots on any Mac PC, and afterward edit or share them any way you like. Even if you purchased or updated your Mac in 2018, you will have access to the high-quality screenshot menu, which allows you to accept videos of your screen too.

Here are Some ways to take screenshots on a Mac.

Shortcut for Screenshot in Mac

Each method for screenshotting on a Mac utilizes the Shift, Command, and number keys.

Mac screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac OS X

Keyboard ShortcutKey Function
Shift + Command + 4Highlight a particular part of the screen to screen capture..
Shift + Command + 3Capture a screen capture of the whole screen.
Shift + Command + 5Open the screen capture menu to record the video or edit your screen capture options.

Shift + Command + 3: Take a snip on mac

To catch your whole screen, press and hold down Shift + Command + 3.

At the point when you take a screen capture, you’ll see a little thumbnail preview in the base right corner of your screen, which you can click to edit the screen capture. You can turn this feature on and off utilizing the screenshot menu.

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Shift + Command + 4: Capture a specific section or window

  •  Click Shift + Command + 4
  • A crosshair will appear on your mouse’s cursor. To select an area of your screen, click and drag this crosshair.
  • To capture the selected area, release the trackpad or mouse button, or press the Esc key to cancel.

That is not everything you can do with this technique. After pressing Shift + Command + 4, you can press other keys to unlock more options:

  • Capture a specific window: Press Shift + Command + 4 and afterward hit the spacebar. The crosshair will transform into a camera. Drift the camera cursor over the window you need to catch and click on it. When the screenshot is saved, it will have a dim line around it.
  • Lock in the shape and size: After dragging the crosshair to make a featured area, press and hold the spacebar. This locks the crate so it can’t change size. You can then drag the crate anywhere on the screen, and afterward release the spacebar to take your screenshot.
  • Adjust the height and width: After dragging the crosshair to make a featured area, press and hold the Shift key. This permits you to change the height and width of the box. You can flip between height and width by squeezing the Shift key. Let go of the mouse button or trackpad to take the screen capture.

Shift + Command + 5: Use the screenshot menu

  • Press Shift + Command + 5 to open the Screenshot application. A little menu panel will appear at the lower part of the screen
  • The three icons on the left permit you to take a screenshot of the whole screen, a particular window, or a highlighted section. The following two icons to the right will allow you to record a video of the whole screen or simply a highlighted section. Click on one of the choices on the left to select how you need to take a screenshot.
  • To take a screenshot, click the button labeled “Capture” in the upper right.
screenshot (1)

There’s likewise a menu named Options. This menu allows you to choose where to save your screenshot.

The Options menu likewise has the Show Floating Thumbnail option, which is turned on as a matter of course and will have a mark on the left. This option makes a minuscule thumbnail show up in the base-right corner of the screen when you take a screenshot. The screenshot will not be saved to your PC until this thumbnail disappears following a couple of seconds.

To open the screenshot in a new window, you can click this thumbnail before it disappears. In this window, you can:

  • Type or draw on the picture.
  • Change the shape or size by cropping it.
  • Use your Apple ID account to share it.

Best Screenshot Apps for Mac 2023

If you don’t want to use your Mac’s built-in screenshot tools, you can use the best free screenshot app for Mac. One of the best free screenshot apps is Shottr, and it’s quite easy to use.

1. Shottr

Shottr is a super-lightweight screenshot application for your Mac. This application is a great option for clients who can’t download apps utilizing the Mac App Store. Shottr sits discreetly in your menu bar, showing an S icon.


This screenshot application makes it the first of our list as it offers regularly paid features for free. Some examples of this include looking over screenshots, on-screen zoom in or out, and OCR. This large number of features is only available in paid versions of most other screenshot apps.

2. Snagit

Snagit is a strong snipping tool for Mac and Windows. What isolates it from most screenshot applications as well, in addition to taking screenshots, you can likewise use it to record the items on the screen as videos to help somebody with troubleshooting or playing out some activity better.


With Snagit, you can capture screenshots of the whole desktop or a particular region on the desktop. In addition to that, you can also screenshot content that scrolls horizontally and upward direction and even concentrate content from a screen and paste it into another application easily.

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